LEAP Program Overview

Participants focus on specific leadership development actions based on 360 feedback. There are two 360 Assessments, a Discovery exercise, an Action Plan, a Journal, many coaching videos, and interactive mini learning modules featuring Stanford professors and leadership cases. The program duration is 6-8 months from beginning to end.

User Experience

The LEAP program is a multi-step process driven by a customized Dashboard that each participant uses to manage his or her own progress, select program features, and access reports or resources. Participants identify whom they would like to have as raters by simply entering rater names and emails. From there, the system takes over by contacting and gathering feedback from raters. Participants take a self-assessment, answering the same questions that are asked of raters. Once complete, all the feedback data is aggregated into a personal report.

To get the most insights from the report, the LEAP system walks participants through a guided analysis of feedback, where they can then set short and long-term action planning goals. After a period of time dedicated to focusing on achieving leadership goals, participants may then take another 360 assessment to compare results and see progress made during their action period. At any time, participants can take advantage of coaching videos, leadership video case vignettes, and bonus instruction modules from Stanford professors.

1. Based on percent of process completion, the Dashboard changes, showing available resources to view and pending action items.

2. If complete, participants may access their initial assessment, discovery plan, action plan, and other resources developed within the program.

3. Take advantage of mini-modules featuring Stanford professors.

4. Take advantage of coaching videos designed to enhance the learning experience and participation in the LEAP process.